DEVN6 is a DJ and electronic music producer based in Germany & Switzerland.

DEVN6 is a multi-genre DJ located in Zurich Switzerland and Konstanz Germany. She plays a distinctive sound combining the edge of modern rave with a unique flow of  pumping Tech House, Main Stage bangers & Driving Techno, going for a big, trendy tone that has a lot of punch to it. DEVN6 pushes the boundaries of electronic music production, balancing creative freedom with absolute professionalism and attention to detail. Running the label BRAIN PAIN RECORDS, the artist spends her time crafting original compositions while releasing international artists.

Due to the pandemic, the club music scene experienced a lot of radical changes, prompting DEVN6 to update the creative formula that has been driving the artist’s flow and style, using the Internet to reach out to the audience. It didn’t take long for DEVN6 to become one of Germany’s most successful music streamers on Twitch, and the quality of her music streams speaks for itself!

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